Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Business Relocation Coach
Is now Spectrum Location Solutions

Dear Readers,

My consulting firm has been known as the Business Relocation Coach, which at first was an appropriate name because I combined executive coaching with site selection consulting. It worked out well and the business grew each year since its launch.

But there comes a time for change. With more clients and projects, I created a Strategic Partner Network to share the workload. The network now includes firms located throughout the United States ranging from prominent site selection consultancies with an international reach along with boutique, highly specialized companies. The name Spectrum Location Solutions better reflects today's broad industry reach, far-flung geographic scope, and enhanced range of services. The website for Spectrum is here. On Twitter I'm known as @LocationConsult. All prior entries on this blog have been deleted because they were getting old. More current information can be found on the Spectrum Location Solutions blog found here.

I thank my loyal readers! – Joe Vranich.

Note: Spectrum Location Solutions is based in Irvine, California. Strict confidentiality applies to all inquiries from the very first phone call or email.