Tuesday, November 10, 2015

California Loses Jobs as Other States Eat its Lunchables

The Orange County Register in an editorial today noted that Kraft Heinz will close its Lunchables manufacturing plant in Fullerton, ending 430 jobs. It's part of a company consolidation of six facilities, including one in San Leandro. The piece said:
So, one-third of the company’s U.S. plant closures will come in California. AP reported the company also is planning a new plant in Davenport, Iowa, that will employ "at least 475 full-time positions." This news arrived at the same time as a new report, "Businesses Continue to Leave California: A Seven-Year Review," by Spectrum Locations Solutions in Irvine.
The report explains how and why 9,000 California companies opted to invest in facilities outside of the state because of the state's punitive tax and regulatory climate, as well as high housing costs. The editorial concluded, "That’s not going to change until the state gets a consistently pro-business legislature and governor."

See the full editorial Other states eating our Lunchables.