Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Top Destination for California Company Relocations: The Lone Star State

Today, the Dallas Morning News published a big spread online about businesses migrating from California to Texas. The story is based on our new study of 9,000 companies leaving California in the last seven years "with about 15 percent finding a home in the more business-friendly Lone Star state." (The print version will appear sometime next week.)

California FlagExcerpts:
"This report echoes what businesses that relocate to Texas continue to say – they are sick and tired of being over-taxed and over-regulated and are making the economically sensible choice to move to Texas,” said John Wittman, deputy press secretary for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Office. 
Texas Flag“Texas is an easier place in which to conduct a business,” said Joseph Vranich, president of Spectrum Location Solutions in Irvine, Calif. “Why is that so? A lot of people think it’s taxes, but in my view the No. 1 benefit is an easier regulatory environment. California’s regulatory regime is so harsh that it causes companies to look at all kinds of states to go to.”
California ... is one of the costliest states in which to do business, with expenses 20 percent to 35 percent higher than other states, Vranich says.
Of all U.S. cities, Austin was No. 1, gaining 86 California corporate sites or expansions. Dallas ranked sixth (20 companies), San Antonio was No. 8 (16), Houston was No. 11 (11), Plano and Irving tied with Hillsboro, Ore., for No. 13 (9) and Fort Worth tied with Tempe, Ariz., for No. 14 (8).
The online version has a drop-down menu that permits searches by year, company, city, industry and product/service.

See the full Dallas Morning News story here.

One focus of this blog has been to address California’s hostility toward business, as addressed in the new study, Businesses Continue to Leave California – A Seven-Year Review, issued in November 2015.

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