Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Business Relocation Coach
Is now Spectrum Location Solutions

Dear Readers,

My consulting firm has been known as the Business Relocation Coach because I combined executive coaching with site selection consulting. It worked out well and the business has grown. While I won't abandon being known as The Business Relocation Coach, it is time for a change.

I'm adopting the brand Spectrum Location Solutions because, with more projects, I created a Strategic Partner Network that includes firms ranging from prominent site selection consultancies with an international reach along with boutique companies. The new name better reflects today's broad industry reach, far-flung geographic scope, and enhanced range of services. The website for Spectrum is here. All prior entries on this blog have been deleted because they were getting old.

Note: Strict confidentiality applies to all inquiries from the very first phone call, email or text, as explained in the stringent Instant Non-Disclosure AgreementThe document is written from your perspective with client-centered provisions as strong or stronger than what is found in a typical corporate NDA. If there is a conflict between your NDA and this Instant NDA, the terms of your NDA shall control under this Agreement. Of course, if you wish, we will agree to your NDA.